Hey everybody, it’s Gail Dixon and it is time for me to step out.

I am today meeting the challenge issued to me by my good friend Cindy to stop getting ready to claim my platform about the hearts voice and just start doing it and she’s right.

I have been working at getting just the right words and the right approach and the right things to say and making sure as I’ve started a Facebook group and building a community.

Feeling like I just quite wasn’t ready to start being more visible out there on my own platform rather than other people’s platforms.

And the truth is I can say more of what I need to say right here direct to the people on meant to talk to that.

I can say on other people’s platforms.

So I am just holding myself accountable and putting myself in service to you and more importantly to the hearts voice.

It’s important.

It’s so important right now.

We are hearing so many voices of division and divisiveness and destruction so many voices of anger and just hostility.

We don’t know how to talk to each other anymore from a place of care concern and connection and I think our world depends on having enough

of us who are committed to talking in that way through the hearts voice so that we can turn around this direction of the way we’re talking so that we can use words to create and connect to heal.

To make the world a better place.

I know that compassion is out there.

I know that goodness is out there and it has been silenced in a way that we just can’t do anymore.

So Please think about your own communication the way you talk the way you listen what you hear what’s coming into your head?

Don’t take in the voices that hurt your heart and hurt your soul.

Listen instead for the voices that warm your heart and lift your soul and be that voice for other people.

I’m going to be coming to you live as much as I can.

Just once a day to talk about that and share with you exactly why it’s so vital right now.

In the meantime, if you want to join me in this intention find the hearts voice movement group on Facebook and become part of that group part of that dialogue commit yourself to speaking your truth in love, compassion and connection.

Be with each other it is so so important right now, and I know that there is a way in which I talk to people and listen to people that does exactly that and I’ve been doing it in a small way with individuals and small groups in small stages or small snippets on other people’s platform.

And it is time for me to get out there loud ringing saying the hearts voice is the language.

We need to be speaking to each other.

Speak that and be that our world depends on it.

It depends on us.

So I’ll see you again tomorrow and until then speak and listen from the heart.