Identify Your Unique Heart Print
5 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself

These questions will guide you in discovering the unique contribution you are meant to make in the world and finding the words to communicate authentically and powerfully in every area of your life.

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Are you ready to step up and out with your heart's voice message?
Name It, Frame It and Claim It™ with Gail Dixon.

Become a Part of The Heart's Voice Movement
People Coming Together to Use the Power of Language and Listening to Heal a Wounded World

Do you know your Heart Print?

The impact that expression of your heart's truth will leave on the world.

Words can hurt or words can heal. Now more than ever, it's important that we use the power of words to create and connect, rather than to divide and destroy.

The Heart's Voice Movement is for people who are committed to working together for good by speaking and listening from the sacred truth contained in their own hearts.


You were born to make a difference. Born to be a messenger of your own unique truth...a truth whispered into your heart by Source before you were even born. When you can hear that heart whisper, give it voice, and share it with others, you will make the impact that we call your Heart Print.


You believe in using your business to improve the lives of the people you serve. Now it's important to have just the right words to describe the transformation you offer. You need a message that so resonates with others that they feel compelled to work with you.


You are someone with a commitment to bring people together in creating positive change in the world. Being able to give voice to your vision is essential to making the impact you want to make. Your mission needs a message that will command attention, create connection and inspire action.

About Gail Dixon

Gail Dixon is a Speaker, Author and Coach who guides people to hear and express the Heart's Voice that gives their life meaning and purpose. Gail is recognized as a top expert for speakers, thought leaders, and mission-driven entrepreneurs in creating messages that make an impact. As leader of The Heart's Voice Movement, Gail is committed to creating a future where the Heart's Voice is the universal language that heals the world.

When you're ready to give voice to your vision, you need a message as powerful as your mission.
Discover Your Heart Print Today

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"Gail is a genius at hearing her clients' true thoughts and helping them finds words that express them. She is a blessing to know and to work with."

Kathryn A. Hathaway, Esq.,

"Gail has served numerous times on our Expert Panels and it was extraordinary to see her capture the essence of the message the attendees were trying to convey. She was able to instantly transform their fuzzy language into clear and compelling messaging that inspires action."

What are you waiting for? 

Now is the time to share your mission, your message and the purpose that gives meaning to your life.

No matter where you are on the journey - listening for the first whispers of your unique core truth - finding the words to name that truth so that others can hear it - or sharing that truth with a wider audience to create a lasting impact - we're here to serve you.

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