Founder, Gail Dixon

The Heart's Voice Movement

People coming together to use the power of language and listening to heal a wounded world.


We live in a world where the Universal Language is love and connection.


We use the power of language and listening to heal a wounded world. We enable people to hear and embrace the divine purpose that lives in their hearts, find the language to express it, and connect with others to bring it into being.

Core Values

We believe:

Every life has a meaning and purpose.
Every heart contains a unique message longing to be heard.
Everyone's voice matters - especially yours.
Speaking from the heart is an act of courage.
Listening with the heart is an act of love.

These core values guide how we work and make decisions every day:


Join a Community of Leaders Committed to The Heart's Voice Movement

Founder, Gail Dixon

Gail Dixon is a Speaker, Author and Coach who guides people to hear and express the Heart's Voice that gives their life meaning and purpose. 
Gail is recognized as a top expert for speakers, thought leaders, and mission-focused entrepreneurs in creating messages that make an impact. As leader of The Heart's Voice Movement, Gail is committed to creating a future where the Heart's Voice is the universal language that heals the world.

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