Founder, Gail Dixon

Do You Know Your Heart Print?

The impact that expression of your heart's truth will leave on the world.

Words can heal or words can harm. 

Learn to listen and speak through your Heart's Voice so that your Heart Print is one of connection, compassion and contribution.

Identify Your Unique Heart Print
5 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself

These questions will guide you in discovering the unique contribution you are meant to make in the world and finding the words to communicate authentically and powerfully in every area of your life. 

The answers lie in speaking and listening with the Heart's Voice. 

Gail's 5 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself will support you in identifying and fine-tuning your Heart's Voice and enhance your capacity to connect with others to create a positive impact in the world.

About Gail Dixon


Gail is the leader of The Heart's Voice Movement and she is committed to creating a world where the Heart's Voice is the universal language we use to heal the world.

Gail Dixon is a Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Coach and Consultant who specializes in guiding people to hear and express their Heart's Voice - that inner whisper of truth that gives their life meaning and purpose.

Her unique gift of listening between the lines positions Gail as the top expert and trusted authority for mission-focused messaging. 


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